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Victims of Synthol (53 pics)
Synthol usually consists of three ingredients – oil, benzyl alcohol and lidocaine. At least that’s the original formula of Christopher Clark, the inventor of the synthol. In the early 90’s, this man was looking for a way to locally and permanently enlarge muscles.
Synthol – facts and dangers
Perhaps it is an insecurity that leads people to inject synthol, or maybe it is the frustration and impatience of many guys who lift weights and do not get any results. An example of this is Moustafa Ismail, who is originally from Egypt, but now lives in the USA.


WHAT IS SYNTHOL? USES,ABUSE AND INJECTION EFFECTS! Chances are you would’ve come across the term Synthol in social media sites under bodybuilding posts or perhaps you’re a fan of wrestling championships or body building championships or an aspirant of the same you would’ve heard the term Synthol being used along the lines of “substances “ some of these bodybuilders might have …

synthol how to use it?

 · Let’s compare testosterone to Synthol and you get two completely different compounds. It’s like comparing apples to oranges. With steroids whatever you put in is what you get out. With synthol whatever you put in is basically like getting plastic surgery. Would

Kirill Tereshin, The “Synthol Kid” Gets Injections In His …

To get rid of his skinny body, he injected Synthol oil substance in his arms. People started calling him the “Synthol Kid” and also refer to him as real-life Popeye. He injected Synthol in his biceps, and they look cartoonish. After getting some fame, he started looking

Synthol Man : WTF

16.9k votes, 1.5k comments. 6.5m members in the WTF community. Things that make you say “What the F*ck”. I’m not really condoning steroid use, but if you get the right products and follow the right schedules, then there’s very low risky side effects.
10 Result of Synthol & Steroids
 · 10 result of Synthol & Steroids Dont be a stranger, drop us a line in the comments and let us know which videos youd like us to make next or if we missed out

I got filler injections in my penis to feel like a porn star

 · “We get pressured to have the body beautiful too — from billboards to social media.” Before his pants come back up again, El-ahmed told me about another downside he’s thought of.
Top 10 Most Extreme FAKE Bodybuilders
However, as many dedicated, hardworking bodybuilders there are, there are also hundreds of thousands of fakes out there who get their results in a less than an ethical manner. Thanks to the use of anabolic steroids, synthol and even fake weights, there are

Romario Dos Santos Alves: Bodybuilder who modelled …

“The kind of needles used on bulls – there are no stronger needles around – I know it seems stupid but I had to get my synthol fix.” He even tricked wife Marisangela Marinho, 22, into injecting
The Abuse Of Synthol In Bodybuilding
Note: Synthol, and SEOs in general, restrict the flow of oxygen and blood into the muscle tissue, depriving it of essential nutrients. This “starvation” actually causes muscle atrophy – the biggest fear of every iron addict. When a bodypart is loaded with large amounts

How late bodybuilding star Rich Piana paid the …

 · Deca, durabolin and dianabol, the drug of choice by bodybuilders in the 1950s to 1980s have given way to nastier pharmaceuticals such as human growth hormones (GH), insulin and synthol…

I have been using blacksharkoils Synthol with no …

 · i am wondering why people point you to other brands or just one brand, i have literally been using the stuff for years at competition level and cant find a fault can somebody explain this in more detail, now i have see the horror videos and i know about its use and misuse I want to know is it the misuse people using synthol wrongly or the “brand” because blackshark synthol is the “cheapest
How to inject synthol.
 · in the link i posted abouve it sudjests that valentino’s were implants not synthol. Maybie a combination? When it got infected it was due to the needle not being sterile (this could happen with aas)nothing to do with the synthol, i do agree it makes people look dafft, but too finish off peaks kind of makes sence in the proffesional bbuilding industry (im sure most do it) to gain advantage

Kirill Tereshin, The “Synthol Kid” Gets Injections In His …

As a result, he was garnered the nickname of the “Synthol Kid” or the real-life Popeye. Following this initial burst of virality, Tereshin continued to search for ways to boost his profile. This got to the point, where he was even forced to get surgery to remove the injections, due to suffering health complications.

Russian ‘Bodybuilder’ Popeye Gets Synthol Injected …

A Russian ‘bodybuilder’ who claimed to have used synthol to achieve bulging biceps has now had the substance injected into his cheeks. Kirill Tereshin, 23, was

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