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https://www.portal. euromonitor.com The trial will end on the 4 th of June 2020. Professors could utilize Passport to assign tasks for students, which will include real-life information that are used in the corporate world as well.
Does the Library have? The Passport database
Access Passport Help videos for Passport (and other business databases). The Passport market research database is published by Euromonitor. It used to be called GMID. Contact the Library for help with using Passport: [email protected] 0161 247 6106 .
Passport GMID
Интегратор: Euromonitor International Период подписки: 1 января 2021 – 31 декабря 2021 Язык документов: английский, французский, немецкий

Citar datos de Euromonitor Passport

 · PDF 檔案Euromonitor Passport (año actual representado por cuatro dígitos). Título del recurso utilizado. Recuperado de https://www.portal.euromonitor.com Citar datos de Euromonitor Passport LANDíVAR RED DE BIBLIOTECAS, Title Recursos CABI Author CLG 2/24
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Market & Consumer Data and Reports
Name Passport by Euromonitor Type Country market research Brought to you by Library subscription Contains Consumer reports for 180+ countries, includes Canada Use tip Look under “Consumers > lifestyles” for country reports Look under “Search > Search full
Passport (Euromonitor International)
Passport (Euromonitor International) Last updated Save as PDF No headers 2021-02-05 In order to provide access to resources that use https, your EZproxy …

Abbonamento a Passport di Euromonitor …

Il Dipartimento di Economia e Management ha attivato l’abbonamento a Passport, database prodotto da Euromonitor International che contiene dati, previsioni e analisi su diverse categorie di beni di consumo, aziende, consumatori e mercati; in particolare il contratto sottoscritto riguarda la categoria Packaged Food. All’interno di Passport il contenuto può essere ricercato ed esplorato in

What is the cost of getting a membership with …

The passport subscription at Euromonitor costs USD 66,500. Please see link below: Passport Consumer Electronics Global Statista: This is a German online portal that covers a wide range of industries (over 600) like media, sports, health, politics They also
Trial of Passport Industrial from Euromonitor
 · The Library has trial access to the Global Industrial Analysis section of Euromonitor’s Passport database from Tuesday 4th December until Friday 6th December (until 5.30pm). The database provides a 360 degree view of every industry in the world’s 18 largest
Acces gratuit la Euromonitor Passport
Euromonitor Passport îți asigură acces imediat la cercetarea globală despre economie, industrie și consumatori. Prin acest trial, beneficiezi de informații detaliate dintr-un sistem global de cercetare de piață, pentru discipline precum: afaceri și marketing internațional, studii sociale, studii de călătorie, studii umaniste, economie și altele.
夜校培訓班有哪些科目 到中觀的行業產業信息到微觀的企業公司信息幫助您從宏觀, bandicam 破解版阿榮 中觀, 山貓tv 【nba Seminário aborda Euromonitor Passport — UFRGS | Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul

Euromonitor Passport

Passport is a web-based, premium subscription service providing access to Euromonitor’s proprietary strategic market research data and analysis. Use Azure AD to manage user access and enable single sign-on with Euromonitor Passport.
Passport-Euromonitor Passport is a global market research database providing statistics, analysis, reports, surveys and breaking news on industries, countries and consumers worldwide. It focuses on fast moving consumer goods and provides users with historical statistics, forecasts, analysis of consumer lifestyles, brand and company information, and full-text market analysis.

Passport-Market Research Databases (free trial 19 …

 · Passport is Euromonitor International’s award-winning global market research database providing strategic analysis of industries, countries, consumers, and companies. It is widely used and trusted in the academic community, supporting students, faculty and researchers at leading colleges, universities, business schools, and academic-affiliated research centers worldwide.

Euromonitor: Passport Global – new database in the …

We are happy to inform you that from April 1st, 2018 CEL enabled the access to the Passport Global information system, Euromonitor International’s gateway to global strategic intelligence. The access is provided on the premises of the Faculty of Economics, University of …
Euromonitor Passport 數據庫試用信息
Euromonitor Passport 數據庫是一項涵蓋了 200 多個國家的真正全球化的市場信息咨詢解決方案的數據庫, 新竹皮秒 ptt 是歐睿信息咨詢公司完全自主研究具有獨立知識產權的旗艦產品。 什麼是根管治療 涵蓋了從宏觀的國家地區信息

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