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Nazi secret weapons (part 2). Die Glocke, the antigravity …

Some associate the bell or acorn shaped UFO that crashed in Kecksburg in December 1965 with Die Glocke, suggesting that the Americans seized the technology of the Der Riese Project with which later developed prototypes based on the mysterious bell.
Nazi Secrets: Die Glocke and the Fly Trap
 · This strange project, code named Die Glocke, has since been connected with a strange, unassuming stone structure in Poland, called the Fly Trap. Artist’s representation of Die Glocke When it comes to aircraft, the Nazis had made numerous breakthroughs such as the Horten Ho 229, which was the first aircraft to combine jet engines, stealth coating and a flying wing design.
Die Glocke: The Nazi Bell Hoax
The Die Glocke In short, Die Glocke, or the Bell, is an alleged top-secret pinnacle of the Nazi Wunderwaffe war effort. This Nazi Bell supposedly had “some kind of anti-gravitational effect.” The terrifying object might have escaped the world’s notice were it not for an
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Die Glocke cuts through the legend to the truth — and then piles on a bunch more legend. Plus, a look at “die Glocke” as a Night’s Black Agents node, a Trail of Cthulhu seed, or an Esoterrorist black site The core of the Bell legend is this.
DIE GLOCKE aka THE BELL “The Bell” is said to be an experimental program carried out by Third Reich SS scientists working in the massive German D.U.M.B. (Deep Underground Military Base)weapons facility named after the Mountain Range nearby, Der Riese (The Giant) located near Wenceslaus mine, which was not for coal mining but for Uranium mining.
der riese die glocke
The books Black Order by James Rollins, 2005, Swastika by Michael Slade, 2005, The Shadow Project by Scott Mariani, 2010, and Echo of the Reich by James Becker, 2012, have Die Glocke …

‘UFO Witness’: What was the alleged connection between …

Die Glocke was the theory of an alleged top-secret Nazi scientific technological device. There were rumors milling that a weapon reportedly shaped like a bell made use of Nazi technology allowing the Germans to travel beyond Earth using a design called the “Nazi Bell,” or better known as Die Glocke.
Unsolved:Die Glocke
Die Glocke (German: [diː ˈɡlɔkə], “The Bell”) was a purported top secret Nazi scientific technological device, secret weapon, or Wunderwaffe.Described by Poland journalist and author Igor Witkowski in Prawda o Wunderwaffe (2000), it was later popularized by military journalist and author Nick Cook as well as by writers such as Joseph P. Farrell and others who associate it with Nazi
Die Glocke
11/11/2014 Die Glocke – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Die Glocke From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Die Glocke (pronounced [diː ˈɡlɔkə], German for “The Bell”) was a purported top secret Nazi scientific technological device, secret weapon, or Wunderwaffe.
Die Glocke “The Bell”, page 1
The mental effects from die Glocke are also similar to descriptions I remember hearing from Ralph Ring and his involvement with Otis Carr. There is a lot of interesting information to be found on the net regarding this Bell issue. Mactire posted on Oct, 16 2010

Die Glocke “The Bell”: Bolden, S E: 9781684563784: …

This story offers an explanation of the focus on the “Die Glocke” project. There were other Wunderwaffe projects but “The Bell” was the one most-cloaked in secrecy. If its powers could be harnessed by the Nazis, it could be the bargaining chip to bring the Allies to the negotiating table and improve the surrender terms of the Third Reich.
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Muzeum Molke » Die Glocke – dzwon

Die Glocke – Die Glocke – wie manche Forscher angeben, sollte ein Prototyp der Maschine sein, die zur Beherrschung des Magnetfeldes, der Gravitation und zum Reisen in der Zeit dienen sollte. Die Glocke, über die die vom Hitler genannten Forscher arbeiteten, enthält zwei Behälter mit der Substanz Xerum 525, die dem Quecksilber ähnlich war.

Die Glocke Enhances Lighting System with Chauvet …

Given this reputation, Christoph Brunkow, project supervisor at Glocke and his team had clear goals in mind when they were upgrading the facility’s lighting system. In addition to seeking fixtures that produced bright even fields of light, they were looking for ones that were quiet and could be installed with minimal disruption to the building’s interior.

Die wandelnde Glocke (Goethe, set by (Carl Loewe, …

Die Mutter sprach: die Glocke tönt, Und so ist dir’s befohlen, Und hast du dich nicht hingewöhnt, Sie kommt und wird dich holen. Das Kind, es denkt: die Glocke hängt Da droben auf dem Stuhle. Schon hat’s den Weg ins Feld gelenkt, Als lief’ es aus der Schule.
Die Glocke
Die Glocke (German for “The Bell”) is the name of a supposed top secret Nazi scientific technological device. The only source for this is the books of Polish aerospace defence journalist and military historian Igor Witkowski, which claims it to be a secret weapon, or Wunderwaffe.
Jede Gliederung wählte ein Symbol, das sie geistig und wenn nötig auch materiell erneuern wollte. Die Schönstatt-Patres wählten das Vatersymbol, die Marienschwestern das MTA-Bild, der Familienverband die Glocke, der Familienbund die Innenseiten der Tabernakeltüren, die Familienliga den Altar, die Männerliga den Stab des heilige Josef, die unverheirateten Frauen den Tabernakel, die

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